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NOMA Members are some of the most incredible people in the architecture, engineering and construction industry. 

  • They are community leaders and consummate designers

  • They are able architects and exceptional instructors

  • The are award winners and published authors. The are urban, rural, old, young, needy, white, Black, Ph.D's, students, walking, rolling,  liberal, conservative. 

Membership is open to all, quite literally all and, so far, all lovers of progress, community and design have found a niche for themselves once becoming connected. 

Why should You join noma? 

HBCU Professional Development Program and long-term job placement


Recently relaunched Jobs Platform (NOMA Members receive special access)


NOMA Foundation Fellowship Internships for graduating seniors: 

Project Pipeline Camps are always looking for mentors

Professional Chapters

Member pricing at Annual Conference

CEUs at Annual Conference

Members-only access to RFPs around the country


Members-only access to community, communications, and learning management platforms including the newly launched NOMA Connect 


NOMA Magazine: a members-only perk

Volunteer/Leadership opportunities

Commitment to social advocacy

Directory of African American Architects

Programs & benefits for students members and emerging professionals continue to evolve

Lifelong friends/colleagues who are rock stars in this profession and inspire me every

Student members get one free year after graduating at the Intern membership level

become a member

Whether you are joining for the first time or renewing, sign up on the NOMA National Membership Portal and don't forget to select the NOMAct - New Haven, CT Chapter! 


Membership dues reflect both local chapter + national dues

student member 50.00 

emerging professional (0-3 years) 165.00

associate (3+ years) 200.00

licensed professional 285.00

allied professional 300.00

Friends of NOMAct

We commit towards positive change in the AEC industry by promoting greater cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion in practice. By empowering our members to grow and thrive professionally, we strive towards embodying and maintaining an active role within the communities that we serve.

The Friends of NOMAct partnership is an incentive to join our community on the local level of the Connecticut Chapter, providing access to potential members who are not able to financially commit to full membership in the organization. Additionally, the Friends of NOMAct partnership would encourage participants to consider full membership after becoming acquainted with introductory experiences and benefits of the organization.  

As a disclosure, this partnership only includes local chapter benefits, and is not a part of the national chapter organization.  Join NOW and receive the rest of 2023 complimentary with your 2024 membership!

Annual Dues

friends of NOMAct 75.00 




  • Opportunities to network with local NOMAct chapter members and community

  • Participation in local NOMAct chapter general meetings and committees

  • Complimentary local NOMAct chapter holiday party attendance

  • Lower membership fee

Does Not InCLUDE

  • National NOMA membership, events or rates

  • Using “NOMA” in signature or title or email signature

  • Organization voting rights

  • Cannot be appointed as a NOMAct Board Member

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